BILLY BRAND Carpentry Tools are faster, lighter, stronger, perfect and precise coupled with flexibility in their handing. Every piece that we produce is well passed through a stringent quality inspection.

We have semi automatic plant with latest technology. we use state of the art technology in the manufacture of the carpentry products and we are always looking to upgrade them with th changing needs of the industry we serve.

Carpentry Tools are made from high carbon spring steel E - 42 J Series. They are accurate and efficient with an added age of advance technology.

They improve quaility of job to be performed and reduce the time input in their execution to a great extent. This undoubtedly results in making the job cost - efficient. They are handed and tempered effectively in order to ensure their long lasting working in all conditions.

We offer Quality Carpentry Tools at competative price. The customers' satisfaction is an added value we receive in return.

We are always at your services.